Divorcist Registry

Brenda Goodman

Posted Date September, 05 2023

Please help an older woman start a newer life. My husband left me for another woman and quit paying anything. I am behind on house payments and the bank is threatening foreclosure. I need $4000 to pay my lawyer yo get started on divorce proceedings, I"m 68 draw social security and work as a cleaning lady at McDonalds. I cannot come up with that kind of money. I feel so used up and spit out now his girl is 10 years younger. I was so clueless as to what was going on. I need the divorce in order to secure a place to live and get some sort of spousal support. Please, any help will be so appreciated by anyone. And if you reading this can't help, maybe you know someone who can. Please share. I need this help so badly. Thank you for reading my plea.


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