Divorcist Registry

Dan Crisologo

Posted Date October, 20 2023

As I power through the struggles of rising above while my ex husband does everything possible with purposeful intention to destroy and lose everything I have worked for, from holding my house hostage, impeding me from saving my business and affecting the livelihood of 21 employees, forcing me into bankruptcy, denying the ability during the toughest hardship to offer any kindness or understanding to the gravity his malice which impacts the lives of many. My life’s work and finances I sacrificed to make to make sure my family had happiness, financial security, and the opportunity to follow their dreams living their best life only show such ungratefulness and unfathomable entitlement without contributing a single cent. Asking him or my adopted son to help or offer any willingness to help was like pulling teeth at every turn. For over a decade I put forth everything I could to make it work surrendering and sacrificing myself and well being for them. My son stole from the business, stole my car fleeing to Vegas with friends, destroyed said car, resisting any effort for school or staying out of trouble making things so much harder while trying to have and show up for them without giving up or feeling defeated. Realizing this is how they show their gratitude and I couldn’t take it anymore. At 53 losing everything to give them a good life I had to choose myself this time and allow myself a chance at happiness finally for myself. Took 13 years and losing everything to finally decide for divorce. I held on as long as I could and still I shall rise. Thank you for your support, for a start of a new life. On top of everything having to come up with thousands of dollars for legal, court, and unexpected expenses and surprise fees coming from left and right. Asking for help isn’t easy or in my character. Truly, I am eternally grateful and humbled by any form of your kindness and support during the darkest times never thought imaginable.


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