Divorcist Registry

Dan Crisologo

Posted Date October, 20 2023

I’m currently facing losing everything I have worked so hard for. My soon to be ex husband holds my home hostage making it impossible to sell my house to save my businesses, which will lead to 21 employees with families losing their jobs, forcing me into bankruptcy, having to come up with thousands of dollars for lawyer fees, and unexpected costs coming at me from left and right. Having to After 13 years of trying everything I can to give my family financial security, life stability, and an Avenue to follow their dreams and goals. I was sacrificing my own happiness and myself for them. Thank you for your support, for a start of a new life. With unimaginable purposeful intent he’s doing everything possible to hurt, ruin, and suffer affecting many who are paying the cost of his malice making everting such a struggle. Entitlement, ungrateful, no moral compass or compassion. Asking help from him or my adopted son was like pulling teeth to get help or support and such a struggle to get them to work or help out along the way. I put my life’s savings, retirement, everything to provide for them. Additionally my son is getting into trouble, suspended, expelled, stealing my car with his friends fleeing to Vegas, destroying the vehicle, getting arrested, purposely making life difficult, throwing away opportunity and disrespecting anyone and doing anything he feels like because having everything, living in a million dollar house, being bored, and having such a horrible life as his excuse is how my family shows gratitude. I almost destroyed myself to sacrifice for their well being and this is the thanks I get. Not one cent came from either one of them as they take and steal, and willingly destroy everything I worked so hard for. 13 years of struggle it took for me to realize it’s my time and choice to allow myself a chance at happiness for a change. I made the choice to not allow this to continue. As hard as it is to put me first for once or ask for help, I had to make the choice and it’s torn me into pieces. Additionally I’m working a full time day job, overloaded with stress and spread so thin to the point of imploding and having the life force drained out of me. I am eternally grateful for your help and support to the start at a chance to a new life.


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