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Danny B

Posted Date August, 03 2022

Earlier this year, my wife filed papers to divorce me. At the same time she and her attorney placed a domestic violence restraining order on me as a tactic (according to my attorney). There was no violence from me, but she was able to obtain one by secretly recording me when we would argue. I said some words and called her names which were not appropriate. She would do the same, but not when she was recording me. Suffice it to say, I was forced out of my home and was not able to see my children (4&5 at the time) for almost 60 days as I waited for the court hearing. Ultimately, the charges were dropped as the judge did not see a reason for the DVRO and granted Joint legal custody of the kids so that I could see them every other weekend. During the court hearing the judge with agreement between my and her attorney add that we attend court ordered mediation. Mediation date was set and then pushed almost a month due to disagreement of who the mediator would be. Mediation was eventually held and the entire 4 hour mediation, my wife focused on transportation for custody and demanding that I give her full legal custody until she deems me a fit father. Keep in mind that the Judge already gave us joint legal custody. So nothing was accomplished and I wasted mediation fees and attorney fees. The mediator was kind enough to offer a second 3 hour mediation at a heavily reduced rate. We agreed and the date was set. The day before the mediation, my wife cancelled stating that she had more important things to do and wants to go to trial. The big hurdle is that she does not want to sell or buy me out of our home. She states that California Community Property laws are shady and do not make any sense. So off to trial in September. I have spent all of my savings, borrowed from family, maxed out credit cards to pay my attorney. I never thought I would be in this position, but I am tapped out emotionally and financially. I am behind in paying my attorney and I need her to represent me so that I have a fair outcome for me and my kids. Thank you in advance


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