Divorcist Registry

Antoinette Clay

Posted Date July, 15 2023

Join us in supporting Denise, a resilient individual navigating a tumultuous divorce from a wealthy ex who is using his money and status as leverage against her. Our fundraiser aims to provide Denise and her two children with the necessary resources to establish a stable life beyond their current Airbnb arrangement. Funds raised will enable them to secure a permanent residence, lease a reliable vehicle, and cover school expenses for the upcoming year. It is essential to recognize that high-income earners and individuals living prominent lives can face significant hardships, often exacerbated by their access to resources. In some cases, these resources may be used as leverage or retaliation against a vulnerable partner who stands their ground or disagrees. At Bridgesource Inc., we refuse to tolerate such behavior. Denise is an extraordinary businessperson who has overcome numerous challenges to build a successful enterprise that positively impacts the lives of others. Now, it's our turn to support her in return. By contributing to this fundraiser, we can demonstrate our solidarity and help Denise regain stability during this challenging time. Let's come together as a community and make this fundraiser a resounding success, showing Denise that she is not alone and that we stand with her every step of the way.


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