Divorcist Registry

Debra Hill

Posted Date July, 29 2023

On Christmas Day 2020, I discovered information that started the snowball effect, which finally snapped me back into reality giving me the way out of my marriage. I attempted to permanently leave dozens of times over the previous decade or more. I applied for every credit card I could get in the years leading up to that day. I stayed an additional year, after being told I was crazy and it was all in my head. One year almost to the day, the real truth came out. Being in a controlling, demeaning marriage for so long had taken a toll on my family, kids and my mental health. I had become a shell of the woman I was before I married him. I entered into the divorce with 80k in credit card limits. 17 months later, I’ve exhausted all financial resources and I’m in debt about 100k. My husband had control over our family wealth and our business LLC., we are 50% owners. He is claiming the business is his separate property, it’s not, I’m a named member of the LLC. Not sure if I can reveal his income but it is a lot plus our business income. I receive $2,315 in child support a month for two kids, the ability to charge $1,500 per month on his credit card, he was ordered to pay the mortgage $3415 and basic household bills. The contribution being made to my household is approximately, 76k, after 18.5 years of marriage, staying home with kids, I owned a small children’s consignment store for 8 years, that rarely turned a profit but kept the lights on. There are private details about my marriage that I can not reveal publicly, it is too difficult and triggering. I need financial help immediately I’m in serious danger of losing custody of my two beautiful daughters, our family home, a fair share of the business and many other things. I firmly believe that due the my marriage trauma, led to PTSD & CPTSD, the ongoing stress and divorce and financial confusion have triggered me emotionally. I’ve been disbelieved about certain claims that occurred in my marriage. I stayed the course, I believed that the truth would eventually come to the surface, the truth comes in tiny trickles. Unfortunately, when I women have strong emotional reactions to lies or being disbelieved, the legal process of getting the facts and truth seems to stop. All the focus narrows down, to ask the question of; what is wrong with the hysterical women? When will the legal system change? When will honest, amazing, wonderful, mothers, sisters, or wives be believed long enough to start changing the old ways or thought processes in the legal world? I am in the fight of my life right now, I’m desperate. I’ll take any help I can get, financial, legal, educational, community resources. I am open to any ideas, suggestions, advice, legal knowledge of any sort. I am thankful to have escaped my controlling marriage, but I’m not entirely free yet. Please consider helping me and my girls. It is a humbling experience to have to beg. Normally, I’m the one doing the giving, if you’ve known me long enough you know that’s true. Unfortunately, this time I’m the one needing some help. Thank you


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