Divorcist Registry

Privacy Features

Privacy Features

Divorcist Registry is designed specifically for people going through divorce, separation, and breakups. This includes the most amicable situations, to those involving abuse and domestic violence. That’s why we’ve created safety features that put our customers in control.

Divorcist privacy features:

Keep your address hidden

When a friend purchases a gift from your registry or contributes to your cash fund, they never see your shipping address. That way, no one can ever use Divorcist to find where you live or where you’re staying.

Set your privacy

As you create your registry, you’ll be asked if you want your registry public (anyone can search for it), private (can only get to it via the link), or password protected. You can chance your privacy settings any time.

Tips to keep you safe

  • Create a new email address. If your ex has boundary issues or for some reason you don’t trust them, assume they can access your email account.
  • Create a new PayPal account. Our cash fund runs on PayPal. We recommend setting up a new PayPal account connected to your new email address. This will allow you to access funds and keep them safe.
  • ¬†Have a bank account that’s just for you. If you’re untangling your finances or recovering from financial abuse, it’s vital that you have a bank account that only you can access. Use this one to connect to your PayPal.


  • Address Confidentiality Programs: 35 states currently have address privacy services for victims of domestic violence. These provide dummy addresses you can use on official documents as well as to receive mail and packages.
  • Recognize financial abuse: control or sabotage of money can be the only method of abuse, or it can be one strategy an abusive partner uses to manipulate. Once you understand it, you can start to recover from it.
  • Speak to a professional: the National Domestic Violence Hotline can put you in touch with local resources. You can talk to a case worker at any time without needing to file a report or start an official process.