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Alicia Gregorcyk

Posted Date May, 11 2023

My name is Ali and my husband is an alcoholic. He was in rehab in early 2017, but relapsed 18 months later. Over the last few years, his cycles of alcohol abuse have shortened, as well as the addiction grown to include Rx abuse. We have 2 small children together, and I have 2 teenagers from a previous marriage. We are a motley crew, as my husband likes to call us! We are all suffering from the cycles of dysfunction, as it includes emotional, mental, verbal, and psychological abuse. He's not physical, but I don't trust him as far as I can throw him! We all feel very unsafe, but we love him, and ultimately, the best thing that can happen is separation. Or, Hopeful Failure... I hope that in separation, the children and I can begin to heal from the trauma we have endured at his hands. I also hope that my husband will recognize and accept that he must change, or risk losing us. I remain in prayer over this decision and our next steps, as well as for my husband. I strongly believe that this is what God wants for us all right now, in the present, and I am leaning on Him for guidance as we traverse this Hopeful Failure. Obviously, the children and I will move to a 1-income household, and child support is never enough to sustain the same lifestyle we have become accustomed to, and we will be okay. However, we need do have a few needs to soften our landing. Therefore, at this time, the children and I need funding to help with the following: * attorney fees ($7500) * new home for us (we have to exit a lease within the next 3 months) ($3000) * a car for the teenagers (they will now see a need for their own transportation) ($6000) * bunk beds for the littles ($500) * washer & dryer ($2000) * refrigerator ($1000) We appreciate anything you feel led to share with us as we move toward healing our hearts, peace of mind, and rest for our bodies.


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