Divorcist Registry

Mary Hoffmann

Posted Date October, 24 2023

Straight to the point; I'm getting divorced. I appreciate any and all help offered. I am a bit weighed down by paying my part of a mortgage on a house I no longer live in (my choice), plus rent on a new apartment, and the dreaded return of student loans. I am asking for nothing out of the divorce except what I put into the house, so I am in a crunch on cash. I also got rid of a lot of my household items when we got married since mine were usually the crappier items. Now I'm kind of starting over with a lot of what I had built up already. If you have the means, I would be forever grateful for a leg up during this rough patch. If you don't have the means, just give me a smile or a hug when I see you next and let me know if there is anything I can do for you 😘 Onward to better days!


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