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LED Standing Floor Grow Lamp


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  • Energy efficient

Our LED vertical plant lights provide excellent PPFD values for indoor plants. The power consumption is only 30w, and the lighting effect can be 150w, which saves money and power.

  • Widely used

This plant growth lamp can provide different small or tall indoor plants with light similar to the sun. It can be widely used in plant cultivation, gardening, greenhouses, flower exhibitions, etc. Care for the growth of succulents, roses, tulips, seeds, etc.

  • Easy to install

It only takes two minutes! Place the plant lights on the tripod and tighten the screws until they are fully seated.

Wide viewing angle lighting with horizontal and vertical adjustment

The 360° adjustable gooseneck and 180° adjustable light stand can precisely adapt to the growth of plants in every corner. Indoor succulent cactus plants and tropical broad-leaved tall plants, 150W is an indoor plant growth light, suitable for indoor plants of any height and size.

  • Upgrade full spectrum floor lamp

The full-spectrum floor-standing led plant growth lamp is an ideal choice for various indoor indoor plants. It provides blue light to promote plant germination and seedling growth, red light promotes plant flowering and fruiting, white 3500K and 6500K high uniformity light can increase the light intensity, and is suitable for plants Various growth needs.


Shell material: aluminum alloy

Input voltage: 110 (V)

Luminous flux: 2800 (lm)

Control method: switch plug

Protection level: IP65

Power: 30W (W)

Number of LED lamp beads: 48

Size: 44*14*10.3 cm/17.3*5.5*4.1 inch

Weight: 1200 g/2.6 lb

Package Included

1 x tripod

1 x sling

1 x Nut

1 x Metal zipper pull

1 x Bandage