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Robert Alexander

Posted Date September, 11 2023

Hi everyone and thanks for taking the time to read about the help I need I'm currently trying to separate from my partner of seven years, but financially I am currently unable to do it. I'll spare you all the details and drama of our toxic relationship, other than tell you that we are, essentially, like oil and water. We just don't mix, and I've decided I need to leave. My partner and I have discussed this at great length, and we both recognize this is the best solution for us both (as well as our three dogs). However, financially, neither of us have sufficient savings to physically separate at this time. We need to sell our home in order to get back on stable financial footing, yet we are faced with the reality that it could take months to sell. We've both decided that to continue living together while we wait to find a buyer is just not healthy for either one of us. That, and it would also be much easier to try and sell the house while it's unoccupied. That said, we would like to separate soon, yet without reliable transportation of our own, and with basically no financial resources to do so, I submit to hoping that we might get some help. What we're needing is money to help us each move look for individual homes (rentals) to get started with our new separate lives. We will each need help with the following: - transportation/moving costs - new rental costs - random costs of getting re-established in a new place *I estimate that we could successfully do all of that quickly and easily by raising at least $2500. If we could achieve this goal, we may begin our individual healing process and, I suspect we may be able to sell our home more quickly (which would absolutely help us be even more independent.) Anyway, I would just like to emphasize that I/we would greatly appreciate any help or support you may provide us during our separation. Thank you all again. Please feel free to share this with anyone whom you know in order to help us during this process. Sincerely, Robert


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