Divorcist Registry

Teresa Ehling

Posted Date November, 06 2022

My abusive cheating husband has never shared anything with me. I had to live as a pauper. He fed me. I guess I should be thankful for that. Iv had enough. He Cheated on me and his girlfriend. HE is out of the house now but I found out he has 2 million dollars in the back and I cant tough it. HE has made sure my mane is on nothing. My lawyer will start the Divorce for $3000. He will have to ay the rest. I have nothing I sell for 3 grand. Im lonely here by myself every night knowing he's out cheating. Sad. WE used to love each other but he has always been abused financially. Im not even on the bank account. Where I just found out he has over 2 million. I want out so bad. I feel so low and undignified. I want to start my own life. I get a disability. 1000 a month but I gotta eat. Pay bills. I cant save it. Im a the end of my rope. WHen this is over I'll pay everyone back double


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